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About Us

The society “Friends of South Africa” (FoSA) was established on 21 March 2002.

FoSA is a group of individuals of all nationalities, but in particular Austrians and South Africans, who share a common interest in the Republic of South Africa. The group functions as a sounding board and a mouthpiece for all aspects of South African culture, from history to tourism, from food to art, industry to nature conservation, and promotes South African interests in Austria. Conversely, FoSA acts to disseminate information about Austria to South Africans, both within Austria itself and abroad.

FoSA is a dynamic institution, with working groups in the areas of social activities, information and cultural activities. It prides itself, not least, on its charitable ventures, which make a practical difference to the lives of individual South Africans living in South Africa and therewith, to the country in general. FoSA finances charitable activities in South Africa.

FoSA is an independent organization, without political or religious affiliations, and is open to everyone. Members are expected to pay a nominal annual membership fee. In return, FoSA connects its friends with regular newsletters, organizes events and happenings, and provides guidance and information.

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