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The Board

The Board of FoSA is responsible for the organisation of events, initiatives, and the general running and administration of FoSA. According to the FoSA Statutes section 11 (3) the board has been elected for a period of 2 years. Please click here to view the election procedures.

President: Dick Koekemoer
Duties: Will include working on Events, Marketing, Charities. Corporate Identity, Acquisition, Networking.

Secretary: vacancy
Duties: Minutes and Agendas of the Board Meetings and AGM’s, Members’ contact person with regard to new memberships and regular questions, Acquisition, Networking, Name cards. Helping with events.

Treasurer: Angelika Uren
Duties: Treasury and Finances. Newsletters, Membership cards (see immediately when paid), Acquisition, Networking, Helping with events. Angelika will also be, with the President, the contact person for any questions on the Statutes or Legal issues that are related to FoSA. Assisting the President with the Web site coordination.

Board Member: Magda Pulk
Duties: Assisting with events and marketing.

Assist Secretary: Primrose Zeinzinger
Duties: Assisting with events and marketing.

If you have any questions regarding membership or general administration queries related to the organization please e-mail us at fosa(at)fosa.at

The Board, internal:
All board members are equal. No Board member will receive payment for their functions on the Board. No one person on the Board has any authority over any other. No person has the right to veto decisions on or of the Board. All decisions made by the Board must be achieved by consensus. Consensus shall mean a decision reached by the majority of the Board members present at a particular meeting. Only recognized Board members have the right to vote at Board meetings. Only recognized Board members have the right to participate in the discussions at Board meetings. The Board may however, request speakers/consultants to attend a meeting due to a particular topic in which the speaker is specialized. Any FoSA member is allowed to attend a Board meeting, as an observer only, at their own request or at the request of the Board.

FoSA has a policy of electronic communication i.e. all documents (Flyers, Newsletters, Board minutes, etc.) are distributed as pdf files via e-mail, by default. Only in cases which are absolutely necessary will FoSA distribute hardcopies i.e. when no access to e-mail exists, at events etc. FoSA has a policy of transparency, in that all documentation arising from FoSA is available on per email on request to paid members (including minutes of Board meetings, new FoSA policies, newsletters, etc.