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New Arrivals Helpline

New in Austria with a head full of questions?

You are welcome to contact the FoSA. We are well informed about the ropes you have to pull in Vienna to get settled and are prepared to guide you, as far as possible, to find the information that you are looking for. Click here to contact us.

Recommended reading:

1. Living in Vienna, A practical guide for the English-speaking community, published by the American Women´s Association (AWA), Singerstrasse 4/11, A-1010 Vienna. Tel. + 43 1 966 29 25. Fax: + 43 1 966 29 25 15 and email: awa@awavienna.com.
This book provides tips on where to go, what to do, how to do it and where to find things. With a wealth of information from Banking to Pets, from Education to Recycling rules, it can introduce you to the city in all its wonder and variety. The AWA provides a social network for English-speaking international women through a variety of social, cultural and professional activities. It also raises funds for a variety of charitable organizations and a portion of the sales of Living in Vienna is distributed to the charitable organizations the AWA supports. For details on the latest edition and purchasing please click here or contact the AWA office for information on booksellers who ship abroad. awa@awavienna.com

2. As a useful guide, some of our recent additions to the South African community here in Vienna have compiled a Relocation Guide. Click here to view it.

3. Click here to view a list of member recommended physicians in Vienna.

4. If you are interested in getting together with other South African women, then join the “Amarulas”. Click here to read more about them.

5. Interested in attending church services held in Afrikaans or English? Then visit www.univie.ac.at/etf-alt/afrikaans/ to find out more about services in Afrikaans.

6. Click here for other useful links.

7. Sport opportunities: