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HIV Negative

Please also check the HIVnegativ homepage - www.hivnegativ.org under SUPPORT - Special Thanks to - you will find an announcement for FoSA!
www.hivnegativ.org unter SUPPORT - Special Thanks to - eine Mitteilung FoSA betreffend!

Blaauwskop Project

We are pleased to announce the finalisation and closure of this project at the 2008 AGM!  Read the minutes of the AGM for more details.

The FoSA tackled their first big project at the beginning of 2003 – fund raising for the Blaauwskop Primary School (BPS) near Upington in the northern Cape Province. At that time BPS had more than 400 students and 11 teachers. Please click here for the latest pictures of the school, teachers and pupils.

However, the high student/teacher ratio is not their only problem. The lack of a suitably hygienic Sanitary Block and water supply also adds to their plight! For this reason FoSA decided to take up the challenge of providing BPS with much needed financial assistance in order to provide the pupils and teachers something that we take for granted in our everyday lives, access to a sound Sanitary Block system.

The Headmaster of the School, Mr. September obtained quotations for the project, with the estimated costs of € 5.500. A detailed cost calculation was provided by the contractor.

During 2003/4 Peter Pulk, as project leader and his daughter, Katharina, helped in finding locations for fundraising events and did the PR for us. Peter made donation boxes and these were put on the tables, where FoSA meetings and get-togethers were being held.

Rebecca organized a very successful SA Dinner in September 2003 and the amount of € 244,- came our way.

In October 2003, Katharina Pulk and her family found a suitable location for an event: The Floridita, (Vienna Dance Bar). After many meetings and an enormous lot of work, another SA evening got off the ground at the Floridita in April 2004. The event started with Lydia Dyk briefly introducing FoSA, its aims and projects. Thereafter it was down to the fun. With Vicky, Magda, Terry, Lorraine, Edna, Elaine and Lisa doing the cooking and baking, Peter Pulk and Lydia organizing the tombola prizes and Katharina doing the PR. It was an enormous success and all the people attending enjoyed themselves tremendously. The food was all sold within the shortest time and the cry for more – more food, more music, more events like this - was heard!

The amount of € 1.400 was raised, still leaving us with a lot to do!

After the success of the Floridita event, the team got cracking again and arranged a follow up in March 2004. The tickets sold like hot cakes and around 120 FoSA members and friends arrived to enjoy the evening. After the National Anthem of South Africa was played, everyone tucked into traditional South African ‘cuisine’: bobotie, boerewors, pap and curry and rice, rounded off with melktert, trifle and koeksisters! The dance floor was opened and judging by the departure of the final guests at 4 am lots of fun was had! The event raised €1.500 bringing the total raised to date to approximately €3.000.

Click here to view the photographs of the Floridita event, in April 2004.

With another event we hope to achieve our target! If you would like to participate in the future events or would like to make a donation to this cause, please contact us.

At the Annual General Meeting in January 2006 we were pleased to announce that we have set aside in our kitty the amount of €5,500 to complete the Blaauwskop project.

SOS Kinderdorf

The SOS-Children's Village Mthatha runs, like all SOS-Children's Villages in South Africa a programme, called Community-based child care and support programme. The activities concentrate mainly on the community of Zimbane, 5kms from the SOS-Children's Village. The focus is on providing children and families, who have lost adult support through AIDS, with the most basic necessities (food, medical treatment, clothing, blankets, school fees and school equipment etc). They are also provided with a certain “know-how” to be more self-sufficient and to generate their own income (i.e. vegetable gardens). There is a good cooperation between the community and the traditional leaders in order not to duplicate services. Currently there are 80 households with respectively 447 children being taken care of.

Read more on the activities of the SOS Children's Village Mthatha
Read more on what SOS Kinderdorf is all about
Ennerdale community members chose to take a stand against HIV/AIDS, click here to read more .

1. Granny making bread in a traditional oven to support her grandchildren. She lost both her daughter to AIDS, Zimbane
2. Granny headed family in front of their hut, Zimbane
3. Children in home economics class display their wares (Hermann-Gmeiner School), Mthatha

1. 2.

Das SOS-Kinderdorf Mthatha führt wie alle SOS-Kinderdörfer in Südafrika ein Programm aus, das sich gemeinschaftliches Versorgungs- und Unterstützungsprogramm für Kinder nennt. Die Aktivitäten beziehen sich vornehmlich auf die Gemeinde Zimbane, 5 km vom SOS-Kinderdorf entfernt. Es geht darum, die Kinder/Familien, welche Erwachsene durch Aids verloren haben und daher nur noch sehr unzureichend versorgt sind, mit dem Nötigsten (Nahrung, Medikamente, Kleidung, Decken, Schulgeld und Schulausstattung etc) auszustatten und sie zusätzlich mit einem gewissen "know-how" zu versehen, damit sie auch selbst Einkünfte erarbeiten können.(z.B.durch einen Gemüsegarten) Es besteht eine gute Zusammenarbeit mit der Gemeinschaft und den traditionellen Oberhäuptern, so dass keine Leistungen doppelt erbracht werden.. Es werden z. Zt. 80 Haushalte, bzw. 447 Kinder versorgt.